Indifferent EP

by Twin Pyramid Complex

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Recorded at Mullberget in Skellefteå 2014
Mixed by Fredrik Enqvist
Artwork by Lowe Marklund


released January 11, 2015

Lowe Marklund (guitar, vocals, piano, vibraphone, synth, noise)
Ludwig Lundström Rova (bass, noise)
Olov Byberg (guitar, Rolf-Peter impression, noise)
Vladimir Skripnik (drums, noise)
Oscar Lundberg (synth on "Agoraphobia")



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Twin Pyramid Complex Helsingborg, Sweden

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Track Name: Sacrifice

This is a sacrifice
Throw another one on the pile

Calibrate and penetrate, then accelerate
And accelerate, then eradicate
Calibrate and penetrate
Then accelerate, then detonate

Arrays of weights
Aligned in shrines
Turning at a certain rate creates
Synchronized global headaches
Track Name: Agoraphobia

Faking laughter, faking smile
Trying to not let out a sigh
Constantly having to look them straight in the eye

To pretend that I care when I really don't
Makes me look sincere
When all I really want is to go away

But I cannot leave just yet
We've barely even met
I cannot leave just yet
We've barely even met

Can't be rude

Letters, numbers got to find a pattern that reoccurs
Diametrically opposed to the universe
It's Important to feel comfortable in your own skin
It's important not end up inside a loony bin
I'm so thin

What was that?

Talking to me?

I can't hear you
Track Name: Less

Infected and hazy, dozing off
Injection in the skull sets off

A series of twitches
A series of switches

I'm tired of my mind
Tired of light
Tired of people
Tired of life

I'm tired of this half of the year
I'm tired of this half

Because I've been there, I've done that
I've seen it, believed it

I don't need your help there's already two of myself

Mark my words

In time a leave of another sight not seen
In right a need of a moment in between
Track Name: TimeSig

When measured in distance and not in length
Put weakness in under strengths
Towering high
Left of the bullseye
Circumstances gone too far
Axis point at the wrong star
Point by point it oscillates

From A to B, from A to B

In between a rock and a hard place
Kept in check
Declared sane
Circling the drain
I've gone so far
I've seen so wide
Yet false
Point by point it oscillates

From A to B, from A to B

I couldn't count how many times
I couldn't hear all of the sounds

Make my arms disappear
Make my hands appear

I couldn't understand all of the words
I couldn't follow all of the turns

Make my arms disappear
Make my hands appear

In limbo
In limbo
In limbo
Track Name: Indifferent

Proudly leaving earth in our wake
Simply ruining for ruinings sake

As space and time intertwines
Body and mind unties

Contentfully falling into line
Life isn't questioning it is knowing 2+2=5

The consequence not our fault
Indifferent just doing as we're told

Checking my pulse
Not that high
Counting my limbs
I'm still qualified
Changing my shape (left, center, right)
Turn into a tool (up, straight, down)
Making them ache that's how we rule
Facing the facts subjectively
Standards applied to you are not applicable onto me

When it's eat or be eaten

The sound the smell the stars
Their life their pain dissolved